Characteristics of electric welding machine

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A welding machine has the advantages of the use of electric energy of electric welder, the electric moment is converted to heat, electricity is very common, suitable for work in the dry environment of electric welding machine, do not need too much, because of small size, simple operation, convenient use, fast speed, strong welding etc. widely used in various fields, special requirements for high strength parts special utility, you can instantly be the same metal material (can also be dissimilar materials, just different welding methods) permanent connection, weld after heat treatment, and the parent material of equal strength, good sealing, the manufacture of gas and liquid to the storage container solves the sealing and the problem of strength.

Two, electric welding machine welding machine around the disadvantages: in the process of using the machine will produce a certain magnetic field, the arc burning will produce radiation, infrared ultraviolet light arc, etc., and metal vapor and soot and other harmful substances, so the operation must do enough protective measures. Welding is not suitable for high carbon steel welding, due to the welding seam metal crystallization and segregation and oxidation process, for high carbon steel, poor welding performance, easy to crack after welding, heat crack and cold crack. Low carbon steel has good welding performance, but also in the process to operate properly, rust cleaning is trivial, and sometimes there will be weld slag crack porosity undercut defects, but the proper operation will reduce defects.