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Q: I would like to do gas metal arc welding on steel and aluminum, using a small engine drive.

I am thinking about adding gas tungsten arc welding at a later date. However, I don’t want to spend the money for a Trailblazer 251 NT.

What is the least expensive way for me to go?

A: As you can see in the information below, the Trailblazer 251 NT is actually the more efficient buy in this case.

For only $34 more than a Bobcat 225 NT package, you can have a 3-phase vs. single phase arc, 20 HP engine vs. 16 or 18 HP, and 25 more amps of welding power.

And there are other advantages as well over the Bobcat 225 NT:Trailblazer can do short circuit transfer with small wires, and has adjustable stabilizer to fine-tune the arcTrailblazer has a built-in contactorTrailblazer has remote control for MIG or TIGTrailblazer uses the same interconnecting control cable for all processes, so there is no need for special cables for each process.

As you can see, there is a big advantage to looking at all the factors, before determining the bottom line on a purchase!

Information courtesy of Miller Electric