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  • ARC-120BX/140BX
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Detailed Info

The outstanding portable arc welder was developed based on PONEY's patent technology.It offers much more than you would expect from a welder
of this size, ideal for hobbyist user, DIY and household use.

* Advanced Inverter IGBT technology,portable design,thermal start, air cooling.

* Fast arc starting,perfect welding performance,high efficiency,deep penetration, strong compensation capability,little splash, energy saving,long service life.

* Supplied complete with electrode holder,earth clamp,welding mask and welding brush.


230V.50/60 Hz


* The strong and stable performance of the welder gives you access to a greater number of stick electrodes,applicable for welding a variety of ferrous metals such as low carbon steel,medium carbon steel and alloy steel,etc.

Model ARC-120BX ARC-140BX
Power voltage(V) 230 230
Rated input capacity(KVA) 4.5 5
No-load voltage(V) 65 65
Output current range(A) 20-120 20-140
Usable electrode(mm) 1.6-3.2 1.6-3.2
Duty cycle(%) 60% 60%
Protection degree IP21S IP21S
Insulation degree F F
Weight(kg) 3.5 3.8
Dimensions(mm) 248*105*153 248*1.5*153