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  • MMA-120DX/140DX/160DX
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Detailed Info

The outstanding portable arc welder comes out as a spotlight product for its smart design and powerful performance,ideal for hobbyist user, DIY and household use.

.Advanced Inverter IGBT technology, portable design,features extraordinarily with thermal protection,hot start,anti-stick,VRD,thrust function,air cooling.

.Fast arc starting,perfect welding performance,high efficiency, deep penetration, strong compensation capability,little splash,energy saving,long service life.

.Optional power-switch-free based on new technology.The welder begins to work as soon as the stick electrode touches the workpiece,when welding ending,the welder will stop working automatically.

.Supplied complete with electrode holder,earth clamp,welding mask and welding brush.


230V.50/60 Hz


.The strong and stable performance of the welder gives you access to a greater number of stick electrodes,applicable for welding a variety of ferrous metals such as low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel,etc.

Model MMA-120DX MMA-140DX MMA-160DX
Power voltage(V) 230 230 230
Rated input capacity(KVA) 4.5 5 5.5
No-load voltage(V) 65 65 65
Output current range(A) 20-120 20-140 20-160
Usable electrode(mm) 1.6-3.2 1.6-3.2 1.6-4.0
Duty cycle(%) 60% 60% 60%
Protection degree IP21S IP21S IP21S
Insulation degree F F F
Weight(kg) 4 4.2 4.5
Dimensions(mm) 248*105*153 248*105*153 248*105*153